Customer Feedback


Here’s what some of my students and their parents have said about my services:



Dear Jerry Thank you so much for all your help and patience with our son.  You have helped him with several things the he wasn't getting and shown him how to get better organized. We will call you and let you know how things are going. We appreciate all you've done.  Thanks, Mitch and Kathy

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Our daughter Julia bonded well with Jerry because he was friendly and patient with her. Jerry worked with her on how to study and be more organized and her algebra grade went up from a C to a B. He was able to explain homework problems in a way that she could understand. It also helped build her confidence. She scores better on tests and homework assignments now, and she has started asking more questions in class and during office hours if she doesn’t understand something. Normally, she used to be a bit shy about that. Another thing is that Julia used to be so reluctant to do her homework we always had fights about it. Now she is so much more willing to do the work on her own and we don’t have the fights anymore, it is such a relief! We definitely appreciate what Jerry has been able to accomplish with our daughter.

Parent of 9th Grade High School Algebra Student
Santa Clara, CA




I wanted to let you know Kyle’s GPA right now is 2.8 (B-) up from a 2.0 at the semester break which was a C. Overall one of the best report cards since entering high school, thank you, you have made a definite diference.

Jenny J.
Parent of 10th Grade High School Geometry Student
Santa Clara, CA



My son Will was struggling with his Geometry class when we decided to hire a tutor. With Jerry’s assistance Will was able improve his test scores and to bring his grade up a full grade and a half. Jerry was friendly and patient but firm in his approach. He showed Will how to write out the full problem and show all his work, which the teachers were continually marking him down for. We were very happy with Jerry’s tutoring and I would recommend him to others.

Mary S.
Parent of 10th Grade High School Geometry Student
Palo Alto, CA



Jerry worked with me for two semesters during my Sophomore year Geometry class. I appreciated the way he would explain the material and show me concepts that I might have missed. He even reviewed some of the Algebra I still needed help with. I didn’t like that he made me show all my work, since I just wanted to write the answers, but I finally realized there was value in it and it actually helped me to work out solutions to the more difficult problems. Because of his assistance I did better on the tests and I got a better grade in the class. I now feel more confident with math in general and my Algebra II and Trig are going well. I would definitely recommend Jerry to anyone that needs help with math.

Will S.
10th Grade High School Geometry Student
Palo Alto, CA



I’d like to say how much I enjoyed studying with Jerry Leventer. Not only have my writing and grammar improved, but I’ve also learned how to do research on the Internet more efficiently. He has also helped me improve my organizational skills, learn to think more clearly and with better critical skill, and prepare for the SAT.

Jerry and I always have interesting discussions about my assignments. For one paper, we discussed Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism. He was an ancient Roman Emperor who wrote about the lessons he learned about life from his family and friends. For another paper, we researched the genocide in Darfur so I could write an in-depth essay on the subject. These were two areas of interest that I had not even been aware of, so I’m glad to have discovered them. Jerry takes extra time to show me how to do research on the internet more efficiently, thus leading me to understand and develop the topics better.

Looking at previous papers I had written, they often had a lot of repetition which made it difficult for the reader to understand my main point. Jerry has helped me realize this and has shown me how to develop the topic and stay better focused on what the teacher is asking for. My first drafts are still imperfect, but now I know what to look for when writing my next revisions.

In my last paper, Jerry kept making me look back at the assignment and at my thesis statement to be sure everything I was writing was relevant to the assignment and that I was answering all the questions. I understand now how important it is to make sure every paragraph relates to my thesis and that there should be only one idea in each paragraph. This not only helps me write better, it also makes it easier for the reader to understand what I’m writing. If the teacher finds my paper more interesting and understandable, I should be able to get a better grade on it.

There are several books Jerry has suggested using that have been helpful. One of these is the Simon & Shuster Handbook for Writers which I call The Book That Has Almost Everything. It’s been very useful to me. The other one, The Random House Handbook, has a good chapter on paragraphs — Introductions, Body, and Conclusions — how to keep them focused and coherent.

We’ve been using the Barron’s SAT Study Guide and SAT Writer’s Workbook. Jerry has been guiding me through these to help me understand how to take the SAT and get a higher score on the reading and writing sections. These books have also been helping me to improve my reading, writing, and grammar for all my school work. I feel much more confident about taking the SAT thanks to his help.

I am fortunate to have had Jerry Leventer as my tutor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with reading, writing, and grammar.

Morgan A.
High School English Student
Cupertino, CA



To: Jerry Leventer
Subject: Law School Personal Statement Essay – Thank you.

Dear Jerry,

Thank you very much for your time. You are very generous with your time. I took a look at the essays and also the edited versions. I like what I read. Thank you so so much for making my paper sound more formal and professional.

BTW, If I know of anyone who needs help on writing I will recommend you.

Again thank you for your outstanding job and persistency in helping me with my paper. I am impressed with your work …

Wendy C.
Santa Clara, CA



To: Jerry Leventer
Subject: My English Accent is Much Better Now

I would highly recommend Jerry Leventer’s services to anyone who wants to improve their written and spoken English.

When I first called Mr. Leventer to ask about his Tutoring services, my boss was telling me that I needed to improve my written and spoken English. During department meetings or phone calls at our company, other members of our team could not understand what I was saying.

Because of Mr. Leventer’s help, other people can now understand me better and my boss is very happy about that.

One of the main things I am satisfied with is that I have less of a foreign accent when I speak. I feel more confident about expressing myself to co-workers, customers, and friends, and I am able to get my ideas across without having to fumble for what words to use.

During our lessons, we would discuss a variety topics that were interesting to both of us. Mr. Leventer went out of his way to explain words or expressions that I was unsure about.

But the important thing is I didn’t always have to ask him questions. Rather, he was able to tell me what my problem areas were even when I didn’t know them myself. Also, at certain times, when it was appropriate, he would use a white board for clarification and illustration. Other times he would record parts of our session so I could hear what my own voice sounded like. One of the books he used was a picture dictionary which helped me become familiar with many new words related to everyday life situations. I found all these methods to be very helpful and it kept the lessons interesting.

His approach was informal and friendly, with just the right amount of formality to keep me focused on learning and improving. After only two months of lessons, my improvement was noticeable.

Sean P.
eBay Corp., International Marketing
San Jose, CA